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A Birthday, An Anniversary, A Giveaway and A Wedding for Pink Saturday 5/5/2012

I think I've won the battle! Yeaaaaa. I'm simply using a template. That pretty much takes care of the sloppiness of the text appearing far away from the photos. I simply do NOT want to learn XHTML to have to do it the proper way.

A few weeks ago I promised a giveaway and things got crazy around here and I forgot. I am so sorry. But here it is today. I think you'll enjoy it. I call it a Ribbon Tree and have made several. Some I've given away because it gives me pleasure and I love doing them. I've kept a couple of them but I don't have room for a lot of them. My satisfaction is in the crafting of beauty. ;-) Remember, you have to be a follower because I love my followers and they deserve it for being so faithful. It's easy. Just click on the Google Reader down below on my sidebar. That's it.

Also, since I'm shipping this in a USPS shoebox I'm including a dozen of these roses in pink and white. They are feather-light so it won't cost much more, if any more, to pop them in the box with the tree.
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It was our son's birthday recently and I called him as I usually do on his birthday.  He's also celebrating 25 years of marriage soon.
He gave his wife a 4 carat diamond ring for that anniversary. "She won't be returning that", he told me. Just doesn't seem possible that he could be married that long. I'm very young, ya know! Anyway, we'll be seeing him in a few weeks when we all get together to celebrate our daughter's new marriage with a celebratory dinner.

My daughter and son are eleven and a half months apart. So for a few weeks they're the same age and I can say I have two kids who are 49 years old. People think they're twins if they don't know us. But I quickly alert them to the fact that they were simply born close together. The girls in this family are getting bouquets of roses and candy this year from Love Bunny. I made him call and order the roses himself as he probably wouldn't think of doing it.

Hubs is a loving man and adores his kids and grandkids no matter what. He's a very forgiving man also. I drive him nuts sometimes, but he still loves me unconditionally. He's a bit strange in some ways though.

For instance, he'll rarely answer a question with a yes or no. He'll say something like "okay" or "that's fine" or "that sounds good", never in the affirmative or negative. Drives me nuts also. It's been this way for 51 years. He always steps up to the plate, too. He's the first volunteer for any service project in our church ward. He's known for his strength, especially for someone who is almost 71 years old. He's amazing when it comes to lifting and moving furniture. Just truly fit. He's a keeper for sure.

I thought this staircase and french door together were amazingly cute.

Now, see how something that is so simple can be so beautiful.

I also have a faux fireplace. Hubs thought I was nuts but I like the focal point it provides in our family room.

While I like the idea of putting pretty fabrics on top of jelly jars, it truly isn't feasible on a daily basis. I'd do it with a gift jar or for a luncheon or something like that though. I also love aprons and thought this one is adorable. I need the bib kind though because I'm always dripping something on my uuuuh "chest".

Very, very pretty entrance with those doors, wood deck, pink chairs and topiaries.

I think I'm falling in love with this color of green. It goes so well with pinks of any hue.

You do understand this was photoshopped, right? No street I've ever seen is pink. I do, however, love the photo.

The most elegant cake I've ever seen. I love everything about it.

See what I mean about greens going with pinks?

Would you look at these dazzling egg cups? Precious!

Very pretty room with blues and greens.

This is actually rhubarb soda. I say, "Yuck!!!" But I love that bottle and stopper.

A sweet room but I like the dining room chairs above all else.

Talk about a craft room!!!! Wow, is all I can say.

A very pretty room made even prettier with fresh bouquets of roses.

Cute area of a kitchen.

I doubt that there's anyone reading this blog post that wouldn't love to have this room on their home. Lovely.


Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to anything in real life. You'll just have to trust a lady who has hired and fired. But it is definitely your choice to remain ignorant for the rest of your life if you wish.
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