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Love in action is a powerful thing!

My two kids have some amazing friends that I love dearly.   Now that most of them are in their twenties, many are grappling with tough issues around social justice and world events and how to reconcile their privileged upbringing with the way 2/3rds of the world’s population live – and it’s hard.

You don’t want to ignore it but you can easily become overwhelmed by the brokenness around us which can lead to depression and lethargy.  What to do?

This question is especially challenging if you’re a person of faith where sacrificial serve, kindness and love to others, and helping the helpless is encouraged.  Though I’d love to have an answer for Abby, Jack and their friends – I don’t.

I do, however, know that I’m called – as a Jesus follower – to love others.  Love. Others.  Simple concept – hard to live out.  It’s even hard to love those who love us back – and it looks different for each of us.  Yet there’s an element of loving others that’s the same for all.  Loving others involves some type of action on our part.

That action of loving others might look for you like living in a third world country and – one person at a time – offering hope and healing.  Or moving to the inner city and becoming an oasis of peace and hospitality in a hostile and often violent world.

Drill down even more and it might look like watching a neighbor’s young children while she/he goes grocery shopping – or – gets some much needed alone time.  It might be the gift of listening – without trying to solve or fix – without interruption for as long as someone needs you to.  Will either of these things change the world?  No.  Will they bless and possibly encourage someone?  Yes.

Loving others through our actions is what we’re constantly trying to do at Jubilee Furniture.  With a primarily volunteer staff – the donation of a person’s time (what a valuable resource!) is a beautiful way of loving our customers and helping the community (the proceeds of what we sell at the furniture store are helping to support the programs and services offered by Outreach Community Ministries). 

Though only open two days each week (Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4) – all are welcome to browse our 30,000 square feet of quality used furniture.

Here are some photos of the new-to-us-this-week stuff available for purchase:

JFC 04-27-12 005

great retro chair with pale yellow vinylish fabric priced $65

JFC 04-27-12 006JFC 04-27-12 007

two piece sectional in wonderful blue brushed twill fabric (design team staged this with the two piece separated – but can be pushed together) priced $165.  Wonderful condition!

JFC 04-27-12 008JFC 04-27-12 009JFC 04-27-12 010JFC 04-27-12 011

Two 1958 Cherner side chairs – laminated molded, walnut veneer by Norman Cherner.  One chair needs one leg repaired (see how it’s splitting in photo?) and the other chair has the beginning of the same problem with one leg.  Selling the pair for $750

JFC 04-27-12 012

hard to see in this photo – but I was trying to take a picture of a smallish metal and plastic retro bookcase which is priced $35

JFC 04-27-12 013

fantastic butcher block top drop leaf table with four super solid chairs – priced $195 for the whole thing

JFC 04-27-12 014JFC 04-27-12 016

wonderful wicker – white wicker chair with cushion for $50 (and there are two chairs); sofa priced $85; rocker priced $65; fun cube ottoman for $25

JFC 04-27-12 018JFC 04-27-12 019

funky micro-fiber chairs – they sit lower to the ground than a normal chair – priced $55 each

JFC 04-27-12 020JFC 04-27-12 021

structurally great pieces – just issues with fading – sofa is priced $50; oversized chair for $40; ottoman for $25 (ottoman is so faded it looks like a different color from the other two pieces)

JFC 04-27-12 022JFC 04-27-12 023JFC 04-27-12 024

lovely Broyhill dining set – table top is pristine – table, one leaf, six chairs (only one has arms) and table pads for $325 (chairs have some caning issues); rolling buffet for $75; two piece lighted china cabinet for $135

JFC 04-27-12 025

nice wingbacks by Highland House – but need to be reupholstered – priced $35 each

JFC 04-27-12 026JFC 04-27-12 027JFC 04-27-12 028JFC 04-27-12 029

we received a donation of a BRAND NEW executive “U” desk by DMI Office Furniture which retails for $7,000 – our priced $3,995 – set includes executive desk, bridge, credenza, two drawer file drawer, tall storage/file drawer – all in cherry finish.  Some issues (which is why it was donated), bridge has a slightly different stain than desk and credenza, there’s some slight damage to one of the interior file drawers and some minor chips out of one of the shelves in the tall piece.  Great, working, comfortable desk chairs – $125 each

JFC 04-27-12 030JFC 04-27-12 031

fabulous king-size four poster bed in pine by Kincaid – priced $195

JFC 04-27-12 032JFC 04-27-12 033

BUNKBEDS – we haven’t had a set in ever so long – this is a fantastic set that includes under-bed storage drawers and two bunky boards – all for $325 (twin mattresses sold separately)

JFC 04-27-12 034JFC 04-27-12 035

amazing retro oval table that includes Water of Wabash sliding mechanisms (but no leaves) priced $95

JFC 04-27-12 037JFC 04-27-12 038

unique Klaussner chaises have curve and widen at end for an inviting look in a comfy brushed velvet fabric – one has some worn places in upholstery and is priced lower than the other.  Some wear chaise $145; No issues chaise $175

JFC 04-27-12 039

lovely Lexington six drawer drawer with mirror priced $95; three drawer dresser for $65; two drawer night stand for $35

So, to my kids and all their friends – I offer this response to the inequities and horrors of the world – don’t be overwhelmed by the brokenness but simply start by loving those around you – don’t let differences get in your way – and turn that love into action. 

Through love based action you, dear reader, can impact a life and turn your piece of the world upside down!

Ack!  If this sounds preachy I apologize!  I almost deleted the whole thing but then realized the time…yikes!  I really am trying to encourage my kids and their friends to live lives where loving others is put into action on a daily basis.  Sometimes I verbalize this but I mostly try to model it.

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