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Jubilee Furniture’s own circle of life

My job often involves dealing with people who have recently lost loved ones as they dismantle a life-time of possessions.  I’m honored when people choose Jubilee Furniture to donate their parent’s or grandparent’s furniture to and desire these donations – above all – to be positive experiences where the donor feels respected and valued (though aim to do that with all our donors).

Recently, I had the privilege of handling quite a lot of furniture from a donor’s mother’s apartment due to her death.  The donor shared that her mother had been 96 years old and last fall won a spelling bee.   It happened that the pickup was scheduled so when the guys returned to the store with the furniture I was there so knew exactly which pieces came from this particular donor.

That Friday night a young couple (super cute as only young, fresh-faced, excited-about-life-and-all-it-holds couples are) came in and ended up buying the dining set that had come from this woman’s apartment and I shared a little of her story with them.  Her fabulous retro desk was purchased by an amazing young woman who’d been looking for just such a piece for over a year and I, again, shared a little about the 96 year old, spelling bee winning woman who had owned it until recently.  Both times I thought about the circle of life and how someone’s death resulted in a beloved piece of furniture ending up in the hands of someone new – and the journey continued.

Granted, not all our donations have fabulous back-stories – much of our inventory is the result of someone buying something new and donating the old.  Then there’s a different story – one of caring for our planet and reducing the number of usable items becoming part of some land-fill – but this too is a powerful and excellent reason to first check out your local resale store before shopping retail – a message I hope you hear often during April (Earth Day is April 22nd).

Speaking of local resale stores – if you happen to be in the Carol Stream area today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4 and stopped in at Jubilee Furniture, here are some of the new-to-us things available for purchase:

JFC 04-13-12 001JFC 04-13-12 002JFC 04-13-12 003

nice loveseat – both sides recline (wall hugger) priced $135; matching sofa – both ends recline (again it’s a wall hugger) but some issues with the fabric (lots of pulls) so only priced $50 for the sofa

JFC 04-13-12 004

three funky retro stackable tables priced $40 for the set

JFC 04-13-12 005

gorgeous 1/2” thick glass top writing desk priced $265; lovely chair pulled up to the desk isn’t new this week and I think it’s priced $65

JFC 04-13-12 006JFC 04-13-12 007JFC 04-13-12 008

here’s an amazing Moroso Lowland Sectional by Patricia Urquiola (slightly different from the sectional shown in the link – but similar enough) which retails for over $13,000!  Removable slip covers need to be spot cleaned and the under-sofa material (not that net-like stuff you normally see – but more of a foam-like material) is very ripped (not noticeable unless the pieces are turned upside down).  Our price is $1,250 – and the sectional breaks down into four pieces (two seat pieces, back corner piece and one arm-like piece)

JFC 04-13-12 009JFC 04-13-12 010

fun slip-covered like (cushions have removable slip covers but the material on the main body of the sofa does not remove) – needs to be cleaned and cushion slip covers are bleached a bit of a different color white – priced $45 each and there are two matching

JFC 04-13-12 011

fun Pier 1 black drop leaf secretary priced $95

JFC 04-13-12 012

neat retro chair for $65; stool for $18.50; beautiful side table for $95

JFC 04-13-12 013

retro desk with – I believe – an add on top (laminate instead of the wood of the rest of the piece and seems too big for the base) priced $60

JFC 04-13-12 014

lovely side chair priced $50

JFC 04-13-12 015

dresser with side storage (add a pad and could be a changing table) priced $65 (top has many scratches)

JFC 04-13-12 016

great “bones” on this Room & Board sofa but it needs a slip cover or to be re-upholstered – priced $35

JFC 04-13-12 017JFC 04-13-12 018

these two Schnadig loveseats are super nice – but dirty! – priced $45 each

JFC 04-13-12 019

clean up this tan corduroy sleeper sofa and it would be wonderful – a couple of fabric issues – not big deals – priced $35

JFC 04-13-12 020

super nice square coffee table with glass insert priced $85

JFC 04-13-12 021JFC 04-13-12 022

here’s another nice sofa/loveseat set – as often happens the sofa is much more worn than the loveseat – sofa is priced $65 (some fabric pulls/rips) and the loveseat $85

JFC 04-13-12 023

this is a lovely blue micro-suede two piece sectional by Bauhaus priced $175

JFC 04-13-12 024JFC 04-13-12 025JFC 04-13-12 026

two Fisher Price slides priced $8 each; two lawn mowers priced $2 each

JFC 04-13-12 027

great peachy/pink side chair for $85

JFC 04-13-12 028

fun rusty/red micro-fiber sofa with contrasting trim for $85

JFC 04-13-12 029JFC 04-13-12 030

SIMO double stroller with netting and two infant baskets – all for $50

JFC 04-13-12 031

stackable, latchable chairs $10 each – 11 tan; 1 burgundy; 1 green – fabric is not in perfect condition (some stains, some pulls)

Since much of the interactions with the donor whose 96 year old mother had recently passed away was done via email – I took the chance she’d enjoy knowing a little about the customers who’d bought some of her mom’s furniture and sent her an email the following week.   I wasn’t sure if she’d  think it was disrespectful or dishonoring – but thankfully she loved knowing the pieces were “starting over” with new owners who’d cherish them.

And there, dear reader, is the beauty in the circle of life. 

Oh, and if your momma is around give her a hug and tell her how much you love her (love you, Mom!).

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