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Tuesday's customer inspiration - Cherri's beautiful home!

Cherri is a regular customer with a discerning eye and so much creative ability that it doesn't seem quite fair (that she has so much and I have so little - that is!).  She gravitates toward classic line pieces and antiques and has purchased tons from Jubilee Furniture over the past few years. 

Every time I see her I gently nudge her about taking photos and emailing me and she always smiles and say - "I know.  I'll do it some day!"  (maybe our new Jubilee Furniture tag line should be "quality used furniture with a liberal dose of guilt!").  

Well, Cherri was in on Saturday with her daughter, Jaclyn, and it turns out Jaclyn is the photographer in the family and all it took was a quiet - but whinny - plea from me for Jaclyn to go home and take lots of photos and immediately email me (seriously, she did it super fast!).

A lot of what's in the following photos looks familiar to me - but I'm not totally sure what came from Jubilee and what didn't - though you might remember the curved armed chairs that we received from the Glen Oak Country Club - originally had green upholstery and were pretty dinged up - well Cherri re-finished and re-upholstered the ones she bought and they look amazing!

I also love how Cherri cut down a full-size mattress (it was a foam one from IKEA) to fit an antique spindle bed!

Wow - I'm completely in love with Cherri's home!  It's beautiful!  Many thanks to both Cherri and Jaclyn!

And thank you for stopping by, dear reader! 
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