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today’s guest blogger: Abby

Hello again! I’m so glad many of you liked my last blog post! It was fun to write, as I’m sure this one will be as well. I’d like to formally thank my parents, my 7th grade language arts teacher Mrs. Volkmer and my high school English teachers for teaching my how to write. (In case you were interested, if I ever publish a book, something like that last sentence is going to be on the dedication page.)

In my previous post, I recall talking about how great it is that the employees and volunteers of Jubilee Furniture generally remember customers and are so wonderful and friendly. Other things that make Jubilee awesome are the employees and volunteers themselves! So without further ado, I present to you the star staff member/volunteer of the week: general manager Susan Galbraith aka my mother who will from now on be known as “Mama Jubes”, and Connie K. aka my mom’s friend who will from now on be known as “Auntie Jubes”.

You have no idea how much time, planning and energy go into making Jubilee Furniture run – because Mama and Auntie Jubes make it look easy!  Calls, scheduling, pick-ups, pricing, arranging, talking, cashiering… obviously they don’t do all of this alone, but they do a lot!

Mama Jubes and Auntie Jubes work well together, kind of like Laverne and Shirley, Lucy and Ethel or Romy and Michelle. Only more awesome. Next time you come into Jubilee Furniture say hi to Mama Jubes or Auntie Jubes and remember that you are in the presence of awesome!

I hope you find some good stuff today at Jubilee Furniture!

Ahh shucks, Abbers – thanks for naming me staff member of the week!  By chance does the title come with an engraved plaque?  A loving cup?  Academy Award type statue?  Just kidding – the sweet words are enough!

Abby mentioned she hopes you’ll find some good stuff today (from 1 to 8) or tomorrow (from 9 to 4) and there’s no way you wouldn’t find – not just good – but AMAZING stuff since the store is chocked full.  Seriously.  Let’s take a look at just some of what you’ll find:

JFC 01-13-12 001

four Pier 1 dining chairs for $200 (for all four); matching bench is priced $75; table for $135

JFC 01-13-12 002JFC 01-13-12 003

these two micro-suede pieces are more rusty in color then these photos make them look – both in excellent condition though the sofa is a little more worn than the love seat – sofa is priced $145; love seat $125

JFC 01-13-12 004

truly lovely plaid side chair – one arm has been fixed and you can see where it was broken – priced $85

JFC 01-13-12 005

McCreary over-sized chair $85

JFC 01-13-12 006

lovely art-deco side chair priced $95

JFC 01-13-12 007

amazing like-new, blue checked, two person recliner (wall-hugger so it can sit super close to your wall) priced $185 (very comfy); Room and Board sheepskin 2 x 6 rug for $95 (also like new, retails for $219)

JFC 01-13-12 008

very nice tan micro-fiber love seat for $135

JFC 01-13-12 009

amazing Crate and Barrel golden/tan micro-suede sofa priced $425 (the LAST of Olga’s afghans is shown on the sofa – cost for this lovely hand-crafted afghan is $25 and goes directly to Olga – one of our seniors)

JFC 01-13-12 010JFC 01-13-12 011JFC 01-13-12 012JFC 01-13-12 014

mid-century Hooker walnut desk (top needs some minor refinishing) priced $495 (found same desk on ebay selling for $949)

JFC 01-13-12 015JFC 01-13-12 016

fantastic, amazing, two piece sectional in a lovely sunny yellow fabric with wood trim – some spot cleaning needed – priced $295

JFC 01-13-12 017JFC 01-13-12 018JFC 01-13-12 019JFC 01-13-12 020

truly fabulous library ladder – brass hardware, each step has leather insert with brass nail-head trim, top rolling hardware adjusts – I could go on and on about this amazing piece – library ladders are selling on ebay for up towards $1,000 and aren’t nearly as wonderful as this one – Jubilee Furniture price? $625

JFC 01-13-12 021

two piece sectional – one section opens to a sleeper – priced $125

JFC 01-13-12 022

gorgeous golden yellow silk curved love seat – two small rips on back – wood trim needs some minor repairs – priced $175

JFC 01-13-12 023JFC 01-13-12 024

cool round table with white metal pedestal base, one leaf and four white metal chairs – priced $195

JFC 01-13-12 025

sweet greenish love seat for $75

JFC 01-13-12 026JFC 01-13-12 027

antique white finish on this table, two leaves and four chairs – whole set needs to be refinished and seats need to be reupholstered – priced $65

JFC 01-13-12 028

gorgeous, rumpled-look fabric Craftwork Guild sleeper sofa priced $425 (one small tear at top back corner) priced $425

JFC 01-13-12 029

lovely floral sofa for $125

JFC 01-13-12 030

very nice Plunkett chair priced $85

JFC 01-13-12 031

tweedy sofa – needs to be thoroughly vacuumed otherwise in great condition – priced $95

JFC 01-13-12 032

over-sized chair for $65

JFC 01-13-12 033

table, one leaf and four chairs priced $125 for the set

JFC 01-13-12 034

creamy yellow 8’ long one armed sofa for $55 (fantastic deal if you don’t mind that there’s only one arm, originally was probably part of a sectional)

JFC 01-13-12 035JFC 01-13-12 036JFC 01-13-12 037

neat-o retro 7’ long sofa priced $95

JFC 01-13-12 038JFC 01-13-12 039

suitcase coffee table (drawer pull out for storage) priced $55; matching end table (also with one pull-out drawer) priced $45

JFC 01-13-12 040JFC 01-13-12 041

super nice Mobilia desk priced $245

I sorta think Connie and I are like Cagney & Lacey – minus all the police drama – and me and my Thursday design team are very much like The Golden Girls (though none of us are as witty as Bea Arthur!).

Regardless, Good Times are always had when shopping at Jubilee Furniture and Happy Days are whatever day you stop in and even if your taste runs to Diff’rent Strokes you’ll almost always find something that fits the bill at the store where we’re upfront with you about the condition of our inventory though leave The Facts of Life discussion to someone else!

Ack!  Stop me, dear reader!

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