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Off this week…

on vacation

not doing anything exciting – unless you find yard and house work exciting – but I’m not working at Jubilee Furniture.  No Tuesday customer inspiration.  No Friday update post.  Sorry!  Some day I hope to have someone else take photos and fill in when I’m out – but until then, I got nothing.

Though I’m not working – Dan and Chris are – and there are tons of pick ups scheduled and they all sound amazing!  Also, tomorrow the guys will start a complete hotel donation from the Hampton Inn in Carol Stream (the hotel has been purchased and the new owners are remodeling) – and the furniture is fantastic (and all matching which is something we don’t often have available for our customers – so I’m excited!).  This week we’ll pull out one floor – about 20 rooms – of furniture and then another floor in a couple of weeks.

Though I won’t be at the store this weekend, Connie, Linnea, Anne and Ginger will be covering for me and we’ll be open our usual Friday from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4.

I’ll see you back here next Tuesday, November 1st!

Until then – God’s peace to you, dear reader!

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