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Jubilee Furniture–a piece of the back story of helping transform lives!

I was without a book to read earlier this week (something which rarely happens) and I asked my daughter if she had anything good I could borrow. “How about Anne of Green Gables?” floated her voice from her room. Though Abby’s middle name, Anne, is in honor of Anne Shirley the heroine from L.M. Montgomery’s book – I’ve never read it. Instead I fell in love with Anne from watching the film aired on PBS in 1985.

The next day Abby asked how I was liking the book and I enthusiastically responded – “I love it”!  “That’s not surprising,” she answered, “the story includes a plucky orphan.  Who wouldn’t love a book with a plucky orphan?”  I had to laugh at the word “plucky,” but Abby nailed it. I love reading about courageous Anne – who overcomes a very tough start to her life with imagination and ongoing amazement at the beauty of the world and the people in it – and think she’s a character worth admiring. “But really, Marilla, one can’t stay sad very long in such an interesting world, can one?”

Thankfully, plucky – courageous – people aren’t just fictional. Nicole – one of the single moms in our Jubilee Village program – shares her story of overcoming odds and working hard to create a life for herself and her son, Asher, here.

The proceeds of everything we sell at Jubilee Furniture – minus our expenses – are helping to support Nicole, Asher and others through the programs and services offered through Outreach Community Ministries.  The fact that you also go home with some amazing furniture in the deal is almost too good to be true!

But true it is.  Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll find at Jubilee Furniture today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4:

JFC 10-14-11 001JFC 10-14-11 002

sofa where both ends recline priced $75; matching recliner for $40 (both pieces show more wear in person and need to be spot cleaned)

JFC 10-14-11 003JFC 10-14-11 004

we received a number of barrel chairs this week for donation and they’re all lovely!  This matched set has cane backing and are priced $50 each

JFC 10-14-11 005

this barrel chair is upholstered all around and is priced $65

JFC 10-14-11 006

cool black velvet sofa for $65

JFC 10-14-11 007

great leather insert game table for $125; brown leather chairs are $4 each (this design tends to rip along back on each side where you’d grab as you’d be pulling them out)

JFC 10-14-11 008

this rosewood set is the same one we had in the store several months ago – it was too big for the customer’s space – but came back with more wear so the prices reflects that – $165 gets you the table, 2 leaves, table pads, six chairs and 12 chair cushions (two different sets).  Such a deal!

JFC 10-14-11 009

another cane backed barrel chair – this one is priced $40 (you’ll see where the wood is cracked along the back)

JFC 10-14-11 010

this gorgeous buffet is probably my favorite piece this week (though there are several things I really love) and is priced $295

JFC 10-14-11 011

the donor told Dan she won this sweet writing desk on Wheel of Fortune 25 years ago – how cool is that? – priced $135

JFC 10-14-11 012

four swivel bar stools priced $80 for all four

JFC 10-14-11 013

lovely mustard color small wing back chair for $75

JFC 10-14-11 014JFC 10-14-11 015

these ottomans/storage pieces are on swivel bases so they turn every which way – priced $45 each (note the fun country fabric)

JFC 10-14-11 016JFC 10-14-11 017

here’s another I LOVE IT piece – plaid flannel covers this great side chair priced $125

JFC 10-14-11 018

grayish sleeper sofa for $65

JFC 10-14-11 019

sweet bench with two throw pillows priced $145 (fabric matches the two swivel ottomans)

JFC 10-14-11 020JFC 10-14-11 021

Here’s another I LOVE IT piece – amazing gold/green sofa by Century Furniture priced $365

JFC 10-14-11 022

Oh, and I love this piece too!  leather insert writing desk for $165

JFC 10-14-11 023

who won’t love this sweet round child’s table with two chairs – priced $50 for all

JFC 10-14-11 024

this love seat is two separate pieces (makes moving it easier) and both pieces are recliners – priced $95

JFC 10-14-11 025JFC 10-14-11 026

nice wood trim on this green sofa priced $85; matching chair and ottoman for $65 (both show a medium amount of wear)

JFC 10-14-11 027JFC 10-14-11 028

lovely chest of drawers with a mirrored side storage piece priced $145; dressing table with triple mirror (attaches along back) for $165

JFC 10-14-11 029

gorgeous pale yellow and floral Crate and Barrel chair for $65 (needs to be cleaned)

JFC 10-14-11 030

lovely wing back priced $135

JFC 10-14-11 031

black six drawer dresser for $75

JFC 10-14-11 032

chest of drawers with side storage priced $65; two night stands (they’re stacked one on top of the other) priced $25 each

JFC 10-14-11 033

sweet as pie Ethan Allen student desk for $65

I’m not in the depths of despair this morning.  I never can be in the morning.  Isn’t it a splendid thing that there are mornings?

Ahhh Anne, how I love you and your eternal optimism!

Here’s hoping this is indeed a splendid morning for you, dear reader!

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