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Shopping at Jubilee Furniture = helping make a difference (and you go home with great furniture too!)

How wonderful of you to stop by the Jubilee Furniture blog where each Friday I show you some of the new-to-us items that were donated to the store that week.  The purpose of the blog is to give you a sneak peek into the store to help you determine if it’s worth your time and effort to come out to Carol Steam, Illinois either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4 to see the merchandise in person – and – possibly purchase it!

When you do buy something from Jubilee, you’re not only getting a wonderful piece of furniture but you’re also helping area kids and families in DuPage County because the proceeds of what we sell – minus our expenses – are helping to support the programs and services offered through Outreach Community Ministries (click here for more information on Outreach).  With the mission of providing opportunities and restoring hope – Outreach is making a difference, one person at a time!   Shopping at Jubilee really is win-win!

I have 45 photos of amazing stuff to share, so let’s get started!

JFC 04-01-11 001

this is a GORGEOUS slip-covered sofa in excellent condition priced $375

JFC 04-01-11 002

a donor dropped this off on Saturday – it’s a beautiful metal and glass coffee table priced $145

JFC 04-01-11 003JFC 04-01-11 004

this is a fantastic retro yellow sofa in really good condition priced $195

JFC 04-01-11 005

these two small pedestal tables are wonderful and have a piece of glass on top and are priced $50 each

JFC 04-01-11 006JFC 04-01-11 008JFC 04-01-11 007

super nice table with two leaves, six chairs and table pads for $325; matching two piece lighted china cabinet for $275

JFC 04-01-11 009

this Stanley buffet has wheels if you wanted to add ‘em and it opens so you can set hot dishes on the surface without worries and is priced $125

JFC 04-01-11 011

sweet, sturdy bench perfect for end of bed? hall? extra seating in your living room? – almost anywhere! – priced $125

JFC 04-01-11 010

this is a gorgeous Philip Reinisch lighted curio cabinet with four glass adjustable shelves priced $395

JFC 04-01-11 012

lovely love seat priced $95

JFC 04-01-11 013

nice chair by Rowe priced $50

JFC 04-01-11 014

chrome and brass (see the brass accent pieces?) sofa or hall table for $75

JFC 04-01-11 015

lovely pine TV stand for $65

JFC 04-01-11 016

great Ethan Allen denim sofa – some fading and discoloration – priced $45

JFC 04-01-11 017

great neutral color on this sofa for $65

JFC 04-01-11 018

very nice square end table with glass on top for $65 and there are two of ‘em

JFC 04-01-11 019JFC 04-01-11 021

nice coffee table for $40; matching sofa or hall table for $60

JFC 04-01-11 020

very nice Lazboy recliner (I think it’s black) with an issue with one of the arms (coming away from the body of the chair) priced $40

JFC 04-01-11 022

white Dania NINE drawer dresser for $135 (photo taken without flash)

JFC 04-01-11 023

white painted five drawer dresser (next to the Dania one) priced $75 (photo taken with flash)

JFC 04-01-11 024JFC 04-01-11 025JFC 04-01-11 026

AMAZING set by John M. Smyth Co. of Chicago which includes: dresser with mirror priced $225; tall chest of drawers for $165; night stand for $85 (these photos were also taken with a flash – so the pieces, in person, are more muted)

JFC 04-01-11 027

someone I work with (Hi Cate!) donated this fabulous twin spindle bed and it’s priced $135

JFC 04-01-11 028JFC 04-01-11 029JFC 04-01-11 030JFC 04-01-11 031JFC 04-01-11 032JFC 04-01-11 033JFC 04-01-11 034

this is an amazing bedroom set by Williams Furniture – and I priced it to sell! – starting top left: great desk with chair for $55 (look at the “X” on the side of the desk!); night stand for $25; twin head board, foot board and side rails (does NOT include mattress) for $45; three drawer dresser for $50; and four drawer with mirror (lying on the top of the dresser) for $65; original tag telling you more about this Bunk House collection (love!)

JFC 04-01-11 035JFC 04-01-11 036

how amazing is this Radiant picturemaster screen and stand? – VERY – priced $40

JFC 04-01-11 037JFC 04-01-11 038

though this Silver Craft sofa needs to be cleaned (deep cleaned) I LOVE the fabric and the lines of it and have priced it $40

JFC 04-01-11 039JFC 04-01-11 040JFC 04-01-11 041

FANTASTIC vintage green/blue plaid Homer Bros. sofa for $70; matching chair for $85 (chair is in better condition than the sofa – almost like it was rarely sat in – thus the price difference)

JFC 04-01-11 042

perfect small game table for $85 (I THINK you can pull chairs up and under this table – but you better double check)

JFC 04-01-11 043JFC 04-01-11 044JFC 04-01-11 045

I have one volunteer who checks out all our lamps and prices them and quietly put them out and I don’t always notice when he’s been in – but as I was snapping pictures yesterday this lamp – and it’s mate – caught my eye and I thought they were so beautiful that I had to show ‘em to you.  They’re priced $30 each and, again, there are two matching

JFC 03-25-11 004JFC 03-25-11 005

this buffet is from last week and someone bought it on Saturday – but then called back this week and said it wasn’t going to work for what she wanted it for (to put her TV on – but then she purchased a new TV).  However, someone else phoned me on Saturday – after it was purchased – asking if it was still available and I told that person it wasn’t (available).  Well, now IT IS available – so if you’re the person who phoned and are still interested – this LOVELY buffet is priced $145 and just waiting for you to buy it!

I’ll close with a simple prayer – that today you, dear reader, sense how deep and wide and high is the love God has for you.  No matter what you’ve done – or failed to do – can change that.  Ever.  And that’s the ultimate life changing difference.

Take care!

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