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Jubilee Furniture - the new Gong Show?

Welcome to my Tuesday customer inspiration post where each week I showcase something someone has purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how wonderful it looks in their home!

Unfortunately, no one emailed me any photos this week (I am such a loser!). Not wanting to disappoint you, dear reader - I decided it would be a great opportunity to play a very fun game I'm calling (drum roll, please) HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW JUBILEE FURNITURE?

Are you ready to test your Jubilee Furniture knowledge? Let's play!

1.) Jubilee Furniture is a ministry of:
A.) Wheaton Christian Center Church - duh, that's where the store is located!
B.) Goodwill
C.) Outreach Community Ministries - a faith based, social service agency providing opportunities and restoring hope to those in need within Carol Stream, Wheaton and Warrenville
D.) the FBI

2.) In addition to selling QUALITY used furniture for home and office, Jubilee Furniture also sells:
A.) pantyhoses
B.) seasonal fruits and vegetables
C.) area rugs, knick-knacks, lamps, working TVs (10 years old or newer) and artwork
D.) pizza by the slice

3.) The store hours each week are:
A.) Fridays 3 to 8 and Saturdays 9 to 4
B.) Fridays 9 to 4 and Saturdays 3 to 8
C.) Fridays 1 to 8 and Saturdays 9 to 4
D.) Mondays through Saturdays from 9 to 9

4.) Jubilee Furniture is located:
A.) where the sidewalk ends
B.) on Gilligan's island - about a three hour tour, a three hour tour
C.) in the massive Wheaton Christian Center Church building which is on the southeast corner of North Ave. and Schmale Rd. in Carol Stream, IL
D.) where no man has gone before (that's for you, Abby!)

5.) The Jubilee Furniture truck is a common sight:
A.) at the DuPage County dump as the guys look for "finds"
B.) at the Village Tavern on Fridays for their all you can eat fish fry
C.) throughout DuPage County making donation pickups every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (and sometimes even beyond DuPage County if the quality and quantity of the donation off-sets the cost of gas and the guys' time)
D.) driving madly around looking for a donor's home since what the donor tells me and what I write down are often two different things (I think I'm slightly dyslexic)

6.) As general manager, my hair is obviously:
A.) a wig - and a bad one I might add
B.) permed
C.) naturally curly and with a mind of its own
D.) the result of having stuck my finger in a light socket when I was little

Okay, are you done? Ready to review the correct answers? No cheating - you promise? Great, the correct answer is "C" every time (though you could argue that for #5 both "C" and "D" are true!).

How'd you do? Did the sign with our old hours throw you? Did you have a hard time deciding which agency we're a ministry of? Since we're located in the Wheaton Christian Center building, people often think we're a part of the church - but we're not! We rent space from the church - and though they're great partners of the work Outreach Community Ministries is doing - Jubilee Furniture is not one of their ministries. Oh,I know you thought we were part of the FBI since I seem like an undercover agent - like Angelina Jolie in a cool spy movie! Or not.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom or dad would promise you some great prize if you mowed the lawn or finished a book report and after you did, they told you the reward was "the satisfaction of a job well done"? Well, this game is kind of like that - no prize and, really, no satisfaction either. You might actually be a little pissed off that you've just wasted your time reading this far. But you have to admit, not only do you never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture - the store - you also never know what you might find on the Jubilee Furniture blog!

I look forward to seeing you Friday and I promise I'll have lots of new-to-us stuff to show you!
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