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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, May 22, 2014

At long last – I’d like to introduce you to several new Jubilee Furniture employees and discuss some organizational changes!

Let’s start with team Jubilee Furniture Store Operations (how’s that for a catchy name!):

JFC 05-22-14 002

Many of you have already met Bruce Kesler who is our new Store Operations Manager.  Bruce will be the face you see during store hours.  He brings tons of creativity as well as very practical wood working experience all with a large dose of fun and good cheer!

JFC 05-22-14 001

John Wasp has been working both in the warehouse and the donation pickup side of things since last September.  He’s in almost constant motion, very strong and delights in asking – with a completely straight face – 85 year old customers if they’d mind helping load some extremely heavy piece of furniture – which gives them pause until he smiles and chuckles and they realize he’s kidding.  John is now our Warehouse Manager and his main duties will be working in the store/warehouse.

Now let’s move onto team Jubilee Furniture Donation/Delivery (why I’m not working as some marketing guru since my genius is so very obvious with these fabulous team names, I’ll never know!):

JFC 05-22-14 007

It’s taken me several weeks to get Cameron Foster’s title correct – but it now rolls off my tongue…Transportation Coordinator!  Cameron has said multiple times I can simple call him “the driver” but I thing Transportation Coordinator has a ring to it! Cameron is primarily out making donation pickups but also does customer deliveries (we charge for delivery based on distance from the store).  He’s a hard worker and one of those people who is able to remain calm throughout most challenges which is an excellent trait since you never know what you might encounter during a pickup or delivery!

JFC 05-22-14 004

Mike Long is Cameron’s right hand man and also an extremely hard worker and someone who’s happy to help when and wherever help is needed.  Like Cameron, Mike seem unflappable – again an excellent quality when dealing with unpredictable donations and moody trucks (don’t ask).

It is my privilege and honor to lead team Donation/Delivery!  The only down side is that means I will no longer be working in the store and you know I’ve grown awfully fond of you.  I won’t add more or I’ll start crying.

JFC 05-22-14 006

John suggested a photo of the three guys by the truck and I love how this turned out (could John and Cameron look more serious?).

There are more wonderful changes coming – a whole new Jubilee Furniture website is in the works which will include the blog – so keep a' watching!  Meanwhile let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us furniture currently in the store:

JFC 05-22-14 008JFC 05-22-14 010

Bruce is now doing the pricing and I was short on time when I stopped in the store last night to take photos so I don’t have tons of details for you other than prices.  This wicker loveseat is priced $85 which seems cheap to me but Bruce mentioned the fabric was quite dirty (which really is an easy fix) – thus the cheaper price tag

JFC 05-22-14 011JFC 05-22-14 012

this is a lovely muted green micro-suede sofa which is priced $135

JFC 05-22-14 013JFC 05-22-14 014

I am in love with the shape of this entry/sofa table!  Priced $95

JFC 05-22-14 015JFC 05-22-14 016

so sweet round table with four chairs for $265

JFC 05-22-14 017JFC 05-22-14 018

very nice black striped sofa for $215

JFC 05-22-14 019JFC 05-22-14 020

these cool chairs swivel!  Leather?  Pleather?  I’m not sure – priced $145 each and there are two of them

JFC 05-22-14 021JFC 05-22-14 022

this is super fabulous tempered glass desk with metal base – priced $135; chair pulled up to it is $35

JFC 05-22-14 023JFC 05-22-14 024

Room & Board media stand – missing the two drawer pulls – priced $195

JFC 05-22-14 025JFC 05-22-14 026

this is a really interesting piece – one side drops down – but just the one side so it could fit tight next to a wall or be pulled out to provide more surface/sitting – black painted (and they didn’t do the best job of painting) priced $55

JFC 05-22-14 027JFC 05-22-14 028

fabulous Crate & Barrel oatmeal colored sofa priced $395

JFC 05-22-14 029JFC 05-22-14 030

nice green striped side chair for $95

JFC 05-22-14 031JFC 05-22-14 032

these are metal shelving units with wood shelf – and the metal has been painted – priced $75 and there are two of them

JFC 05-22-14 033JFC 05-22-14 034

one piece student desk w/attached chair for $50

JFC 05-22-14 035JFC 05-22-14 036

fantastic green leather chair with nail-head trim – priced $125

JFC 05-22-14 037JFC 05-22-14 039

this is probably the deal of the week – it’s an amazing green velvet color which is in remarkably good condition EXCEPT for the huge rip which would be an ideal place to put a throw/blanket.  It’s also missing its legs – another easy fix.  Priced $15 (yep, you read that correctly fifteen dollars)

JFC 05-22-14 041JFC 05-22-14 044JFC 05-22-14 042JFC 05-22-14 043

I was trying to get a good shot of this Henredon sofa and matching chair – sofa looks to be in fairly good condition and is priced $115; chair is very dirty (though if you removed the arm things it might not be so bad?) priced $25

JFC 05-22-14 045JFC 05-22-14 046

lovely Thomasville chest of drawers for $115

JFC 05-22-14 040

a number of furniture pieces are now sporting a 25% off sticker on their price tag.  Whenever you see that sticker (or the even nicer 40% off one) then take AN ADDITIONAL percentage off the price tag price!  Woot to the woo!

And there you have it, dear reader!   Remember additional furniture is coming in throughout today, tomorrow and even Saturday so now – more than ever – you never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture!

Blessings and peace!

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