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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, March 7, 2014

Good morning!  I don’t mean to be tedious and repetitive – but there are still many questions about our upcoming move and liquidation sale and this forum seems like the best place to continue to answer those questions.  If you got all the dates and information down from last week’s post (or even the week’s before) then skip this first part and go right to the good stuff ‘cause nothing’s changed.

If, however, you’re new here or it’s still a little confusing – let’s boogie!

Today is the last time you’ll see new-to-us inventory until we open into our new location (just a tab bit east of our current location) on Friday, April 4th.  Why?  Because we’re having a ginormous liquidation sale – hoping to sell down inventory prior to our move – and all incoming donations will be diverted into our new store for the next few weeks!

Starting Friday, March 14th (one week from today) – whatever’s in our store will be 20% off the price tag price (all discounts will be taken at the register).

Starting Friday, March 21st – whatever’s in our store will be 50% off the price tag price (discounts will be taken at the register).

Starting Friday, March 28th – whatever’s in our store will be 80% off the price tag price (discount taken at register).

Okay – here’s where you have to really pay attention.  Before Friday, March 14th we will be moving all of our never-been-used, prototype queen size mattresses and box springs.  They will not be part of the sale.  We might move some other furniture too – but not much.  We will review our inventory after each sale weekend and see if we feel like certain furniture is already priced well and shouldn’t be marked down further and move it before the next mark down Friday.  Let me give you an example.

You’re in the store on Saturday, March 15th right before we close at 4:00 p.m. and see the gorgeous gray velvet Pantera collection sofa by Lazar priced $895 is still available for purchase.  You – being the smart shopper you are – think to yourself that you’ll come back on Friday, March 21st to buy that sofa when the 50% off sale starts.  And you do just that only to find the sofa is gone.  Where did it go?

Into our new store.  We decided we were willing to allow this retail value $3,000 sofa go for $716 ($895 – $179 which is 20% off) but were not willing to let it go for $447.50 (50% off) so moved it before the 50% off sale started.  Does that make sense?


Since we will not have “new” inventory for the next few weeks to showcase – what will you find on the blog each Friday?  Some of the best of the furniture that will be part of that weekend’s sale – that’s what!

But all that stuff starts NEXT Friday.  Right now I have some fabulous furniture to show you!  Let’s take a look!

JFC 03-07-14 003JFC 03-07-14 004

these are beautiful rattan swivel gliders (two of them) – super comfortable and in excellent condition – priced $165 each; square rattan and glass end tables are $55 each (there are two of them too)

JFC 03-07-14 006JFC 03-07-14 007

this is a really cool – mostly glass – lighted china cabinet with a mirrored back (so very reflective which made it hard to take a photo).  I did notice one of the glass shelves is missing a corner (still works and could easily be hidden with some dishes).  Wonderful brass hinges.  Priced $145

JFC 03-07-14 008JFC 03-07-14 009

this armoire offers tons of storage!  Missing one of the knobs on the top drawer.  Priced $135

JFC 03-07-14 010JFC 03-07-14 011

I believe this piece was originally designed to be a buffet but was recently used as a media stand (there are holes cut into the back of it for cords).  Really a pretty piece of furniture.  Priced $125

JFC 03-07-14 012JFC 03-07-14 013

Fabulous Alan White wingback chair in excellent condition – priced $165

JFC 03-07-14 014JFC 03-07-14 015

two more Alan White pieces – both of them offer extra deep seats and both have some wear and need some spot cleaning.  Sofa is priced $125; loveseat $95

JFC 03-07-14 016JFC 03-07-14 017

this is a fantastic leather chaise? One armed sofa?  Very comfortable.  Gorgeous leather.  A bit distressed but it just adds to the beauty of it.  A seriously amazing sofa.  Priced $295

JFC 03-07-14 018JFC 03-07-14 019

modern oval glass topped coffee table for $65

JFC 03-07-14 020JFC 03-07-14 021

oh if only the owner of these two wingback hadn’t allowed kitty to scratch ‘em!  Love the chevron pattern.  Down filled seat cushions.  Priced $30 each

JFC 03-07-14 022JFC 03-07-14 023

lovely dining table with EIGHT chairs (actually can’t get all eight chairs around the table!).  Glass inserts need a little reworking to fit perfectly in the spaces.  Priced $175 for all

JFC 03-07-14 024JFC 03-07-14 025

here’s another fabulous loveseat/sofa combo that’s in excellent shape.  By Bauhaus.  Loveseat is $165 and the sofa is $185

JFC 03-07-14 026JFC 03-07-14 027

I love the mission style of this dresser and armoire!  The six drawer dresser has a mirror and is priced $75.  Armoire is $50

JFC 03-07-14 028JFC 03-07-14 029JFC 03-07-14 030JFC 03-07-14 031

Wow – let me tell you about this table and chairs!  Gorgeous antique square table of quarter sawn oak  priced $375.  Set of six antique oak chairs – all need some work and seat cushions aren’t attached – priced $120 for the set

JFC 03-07-14 032JFC 03-07-14 033

lovely, massive, carved oak night stands – priced $50 each

JFC 03-07-14 034JFC 03-07-14 035

and then look at this sweet carved piece!  Could be a nightstand or an end table – also priced $50 (there’s only one though)

JFC 03-07-14 036JFC 03-07-14 037

fabulous two piece desk by Cherryman (locks with key) priced $125

JFC 03-07-14 038JFC 03-07-14 039

amazingly comfortable, and in perfect condition, side chair for $85

JFC 03-07-14 040JFC 03-07-14 041

you will automatically get your “groovy” on if you purchase this loveseat and half moon coffee table (ottoman?).  The top of the half moon piece is mirrored (of course!).  Priced $40 for both pieces though are in remarkably good shape

JFC 03-07-14 042JFC 03-07-14 043JFC 03-07-14 044JFC 03-07-14 048JFC 03-07-14 045JFC 03-07-14 046

we end with more carved pieces!  We often laugh how donations – at times – seem to come in waves of certain things (one week everything donated seems to be leather, the next – tons of recliners).  We start with a taller side table which is priced $70; there are two round end tables (they too are taller than some end tables) priced $55 each; the oval coffee table has a beautiful inlaid carved piece – though this piece has some damage to the top of it (and others are in better condition) – priced $40

You still with me, dear reader?  Phew – that was a long post, I know.  I want to wrap up with a simple but sincere THANK YOU.  We wouldn’t be in this position of buying our own building if you weren’t shopping and donating.  Yes, our shoppers leave with a great deal on some amazing furniture but let’s never lose sight of the bigger picture – which is your purchase, and your donation, are helping the most vulnerable in DuPage County through the programs and services offered by Outreach Community Ministries!

Again, thank you.

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