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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year! 

Start 2014 off with a visit to Jubilee Furniture!  We’re open today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4 and we’d love to have you stop by!

Here’s a glimpse at what’s “new” in the store this week:

Abby first day of Lake Park 2013 - JFC 09-13-13 033Abby first day of Lake Park 2013 - JFC 09-13-13 034

we received another amazing donation from Serta’s research and development department in Hoffman Estates yesterday of queen size never-been-used prototype mattresses (both foam and inner spring) and box springs and foundations.  We’re selling the mattresses (again, queen size only) for $325 each and the box springs and foundations for $100 each.  These mattresses retail for as much as $2,000 (or more – I haven’t checked prices in a few months)

JFC 01-03-14 001JFC 01-03-14 002

this is a fun metal and glass retro rolling cart – there are some issues where the metal supporting the glass meets the oval frame which have been “fixed” with silver duct tape (seems to work but doesn’t look so great) – priced $60

JFC 01-03-14 003JFC 01-03-14 004

wicker and metal table with three chairs (yes, only three) priced $65 for the set

JFC 01-03-14 005JFC 01-03-14 006

I love this over-sized wingback chair – would be a perfect spot to read with a child/grandchild or two sitting by you (or with your grand-dog if that’s all ya got – which would actually be amazingly sweet since I have an amazingly sweet grand-dog).  Priced $145

JFC 01-03-14 007JFC 01-03-14 008

there’s something about this style of chair that I love – there are two of them and the seat fabric needs to be reupholstered – priced $80 each

JFC 01-03-14 009JFC 01-03-14 010

nice color/fabric on this sofa and matching chair and ottoman – we did notice in moving the sofa that there are several springs poking through the underside fabric (doesn’t seem to be causing problems – but could be an issue down the road) so the sofa is only priced $35; chair and ottoman are fine and priced $45

JFC 01-03-14 011JFC 01-03-14 012JFC 01-03-14 013JFC 01-03-14 014JFC 01-03-14 015

Man oh man – this has to be one of the most comfortable leather sectional I’ve ever sat in!  The sectional is four pieces – made by Walter E. Smithe and one of the pieces is a recliner (recliner seemed a little slanted when I used it).  The recliner piece also has some scratches on the arm (the third photo shows the scratches).  There’s also a round leather ottoman and there are two seam rips on the ottoman (fairly easy fix?).  We’re selling all for $375

JFC 01-03-14 016JFC 01-03-14 017

two fabulous Bauhaus chairs – priced $145 each

JFC 01-03-14 018JFC 01-03-14 019JFC 01-03-14 020JFC 01-03-14 021JFC 01-03-14 022

these three pieces remind me of Pier 1 stuff – but I couldn’t find any labels so I’m not 100% sure.  They all need to be cleaned and there are issues on the top of each (one has a crack in the wood, two have stains that I couldn’t get off with cleaner).  The larger of the two shorter storage pieces is priced $50; smaller one is $35; and narrow bookcase is $15

JFC 01-03-14 023JFC 01-03-14 024

IKEA wardrobe priced $85

JFC 01-03-14 025JFC 01-03-14 026

gorgeous Bassett two piece lighted china cabinet – clean lines, this style would go with everything – priced $425

JFC 01-03-14 027JFC 01-03-14 028JFC 01-03-14 029JFC 01-03-14 031

neat and different ADJUSTABLE base table with glass top (glass as one chip along one side) priced $75; white leather chairs from Room & Board are $25 each (there are four of them and they retail for $229 each)

JFC 01-03-14 032JFC 01-03-14 033

neat southwestern style sofa and loveseat in good condition.  Sofa is priced $95 and the loveseat $75 (I love the warm colors of these pieces)

JFC 01-03-14 035JFC 01-03-14 036

there is a ton of storage in this attractive cabinet – priced $225 and there are two identical (second one is also priced $225)

JFC 01-03-14 037JFC 01-03-14 038

café height table (top needs a little work) priced $165; four wonderful bar stools for $240 for all four

JFC 01-03-14 039JFC 01-03-14 040

here are another set of four bar stools – this time from IKEA, Ingolf style in antique stain finish – priced $100 for all four (retail for $59.99 each)

JFC 01-03-14 041JFC 01-03-14 042

lovely oval dining table with three leaves and table pads priced $85; amazing blue chairs – all four for $150

JFC 01-03-14 043JFC 01-03-14 044

great over-sized chair priced $115

JFC 01-03-14 045JFC 01-03-14 048

Oak Hill Co. sweet child’s table with two chairs – needs refinishing – priced $100 for the set

JFC 01-03-14 049JFC 01-03-14 050

fabulous square table with one self-storing leaf and six chairs – priced $235

JFC 01-03-14 051JFC 01-03-14 052JFC 01-03-14 053JFC 01-03-14 054

this is an unusual piece – it’s a café height writing desk (not a table because it has a brace between the two back legs thus making it impossible to pull chairs under it) – but it’s really cool and in great condition – priced $165; two bar stools for $100 for the pair

JFC 01-03-14 055JFC 01-03-14 056

I LOVE this blue and white floral chair and ottoman – both pieces need some spot cleaning – priced $165

JFC 01-03-14 057JFC 01-03-14 058

and then how fun are these tile top tables?  The square end table is $30 and the matching coffee table is $40

JFC 01-03-14 059JFC 01-03-14 060

beautiful glass and brass side table priced $65

Wishing you, dear reader, every blessing this year!

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