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Jubilee Furniture weekly post for Friday, January 10, 2014

Wow – what a week it’s been!  Dangerously cold for several days on top of lots of snow.  Yikes – I hope everyone is okay.

With very mixed emotions, lots of prayer, special gloves and hats and their agreement – I did send my warehouse guys out to make their scheduled donation pickups this week.  Thankfully, everyone survived (though when the heater stopped working on the truck – it was an especially low moment). 

A special THANK YOU to all my donors!  You physically helped, provided warmth, an extra pair of gloves and were patient when the guys were running a little late due to navigating the impossibly narrow roads in Glen Ellyn (I got a panicky call after a close encounter with three garbage trucks at a four way stop because no one could move since there was only room for a single vehicle on both streets – but even that worked out okay).  Phew.

Why would we go to all that trouble in extreme cold to pick up some used furniture?  Simple – our donors, customers and Outreach clients are counting on us.  Quitting is not an option.

So, we’ve done our part, now I need you to do yours– which is to shop!  We’re open today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4!  Come on in and see for yourself what all the hub-bub is about at Jubilee Furniture! 

JFC 01-10-14 001JFC 01-10-14 002

here’s a super fun sofa that would be perfect for you English majors out there (or teachers – Peggy, does Jess have space for this sofa in her classroom?) – since it’s covered in the alphabet and Roman numerals (?).  In great condition – needs a vacuuming under the cushions as a lot of our furniture does – priced $70

JFC 01-10-14 003JFC 01-10-14 005

admittedly, this ornate candy dish isn’t everyone’s taste – but it would certainly be an excellent ice-breaker at any gathering!  The glass bowl is cut glass and really very gorgeous.  Priced $85

JFC 01-10-14 006JFC 01-10-14 008JFC 01-10-14 007JFC 01-10-14 009

this moss green loveseat and sofa are by Rowe and both are in good condition.  The loveseat is priced $60 (first two photos) and the sofa is $80 (second two photos)

JFC 01-10-14 010JFC 01-10-14 011JFC 01-10-14 012JFC 01-10-14 013

these two identical sofas are by Kindel Furniture and – overall – in great shape though some of the loose pillows are coming apart.  Priced $75 each

JFC 01-10-14 014JFC 01-10-14 016

I could not get a good photos of this lighted cabinet – which is really gorgeous.  Alas, there’s a small crack in one of the glass panels.  Priced $185

JFC 01-10-14 017JFC 01-10-14 019

I LOVE this Smithe Craft plaid sofa – in excellent condition though needs a few spots cleaned – priced $145; the matching ottoman has some piping issues and is only priced $15

JFC 01-10-14 020JFC 01-10-14 021

this is a very well made three panel screen which depicts a different woman on each side.  The material used reminds me of the sort of thing used to cover a child’s bongo drum (does that makes sense? It’s very light).  Priced $45

JFC 01-10-14 022JFC 01-10-14 023

this three piece sectional was fabulous in its time but was well loved – and used – and the cushions show it – priced $60

JFC 01-10-14 024JFC 01-10-14 025

another moss green sofa – in good condition – priced $130; matching oversized chair for $70

JFC 01-10-14 026JFC 01-10-14 027JFC 01-10-14 028JFC 01-10-14 029

these pieces have a high lacquer finish that is very attractive.  There are two – two drawer night stands which are priced $60 each; then a six drawer dresser for $165.  All are in very good condition

JFC 01-10-14 030JFC 01-10-14 031

I’d buy this sweet round pedestal side table in a heartbeat IF I had somewhere to put it (which I don’t) and IF my husband wouldn’t hate me forever (which he would).  Priced $40

JFC 01-10-14 032JFC 01-10-14 033

lovely glass and metal shelving unit – priced $125

JFC 01-10-14 034JFC 01-10-14 035

this table matches the shelving unit and is priced $90 (the cool retro yellow chairs aren’t new – but priced $65 each and are amazing!)

JFC 01-10-14 037JFC 01-10-14 038JFC 01-10-14 039JFC 01-10-14 040

one piece lighted china cabinet priced $95; matching table with 2 leaves, 4 chairs (one has arms) and table pads – all for $135

JFC 01-10-14 041JFC 01-10-14 042

cool micro-suede minty green chair with contrasting trim – priced $55

JFC 01-10-14 043JFC 01-10-14 044JFC 01-10-14 045JFC 01-10-14 046

this five piece slip-covered sectional is the buy of the day at only $20. It’s structurally perfect and the slip covers aren’t too bad either (though see how faded that one part is?)

JFC 01-10-14 047JFC 01-10-14 048

leather chair in good condition priced $45

JFC 01-10-14 049JFC 01-10-14 050

fun two toned desk for $40 (has a pull out keyboard tray)

There you have it, dear reader – a peek at some of the new—to-us furniture you’ll find at Jubilee Furniture this week!


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