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Jubilee Furniture weekly post for Friday, December 27, 2013

Greetings!  Though Christmas fell smack in the middle of a work week – we, at Jubilee Furniture, worked overtime to make sure there’d still be an amazing selection – as all of our wonderful customers have come to expect (and we don’t like to disappoint!).

We don’t have much Christmas-related décor left – but what’s still available will be rung up at 75% off the price marked.

Since we’re only open two days each week (Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4) we rarely close due to holidays – so hope you’ll find time to head out/over and see what’s “new” at Jubilee Furniture!

What follows are photos of some of what was donated this week:

JFC 12-27-13 001JFC 12-27-13 002JFC 12-27-13 003JFC 12-27-13 005

we received a fabulous donation from the Harrah’s Hotel of 12 of these Grand Manor side chairs.  They have great lines and are a wonderful color – some wear (especially on the arms) – priced $60 each

JFC 12-27-13 004JFC 12-27-13 006

fantastic Lazboy sofa priced $135

JFC 12-27-13 007JFC 12-27-13 008

this is an excellent leather sofa by Cheers.  Both ends recliner.  Donor was recently married and combined households and this sofa was one too many.  Priced $475

JFC 12-27-13 009JFC 12-27-13 010

gorgeous chairs by Craftmaster – there’s a single chair priced $140 and then a chair and ottoman for $175

JFC 12-27-13 013JFC 12-27-13 014

two piece leather sectional in great shape (the second photo shows dirt on the corner from moving it that wipes off which I should have done before taking the photo – sorry) priced $150

JFC 12-27-13 015JFC 12-27-13 016JFC 12-27-13 018JFC 12-27-13 019

the other thing donated by the Harrah’s Hotel were ten of these armoires by Fleetwood Fine Furniture.  They have three big drawers; a clothing rod and then space for a TV (add shelves to give you more storage space).  They’d make a perfect closet for a room without one.  Priced $95 each

JFC 12-27-13 020JFC 12-27-13 021

I am totally in love with this three piece sectional by Bassett.  It’s comfortable and has a wonderful shape.  It’s a complete reupholster job – or a professional cleaning and then reupholster the seat cushions (since they’re the only part that has rips).  Priced $60 knowing you’ll have to do some work on this one – but so worth it (in my humble opinion)

JFC 12-27-13 022JFC 12-27-13 023

lovely dresser w/mirror (still on a dolly) priced $60; matching desk for $40

JFC 12-27-13 024JFC 12-27-13 025

okay – stay with me on this one.  It’s a fully adjustable computer station which includes a power strip and a holder for your tower.  Again – every shelf adjusts to whatever height you want.  Very space age looking and fun.  Priced $60 and we have two of them

JFC 12-27-13 026JFC 12-27-13 027

wonderful pine corner storage unit priced $65

JFC 12-27-13 028JFC 12-27-13 029

square glass top with metal base dining table priced $125 and it’s in perfect condition

JFC 12-27-13 030JFC 12-27-13 031

oversized denim chair – which has faded (a lot) – priced $40

JFC 12-27-13 032JFC 12-27-13 033

this micro-suede sofa and the next one you’ll see are very similar but this one is much more tan/beige and the next one greenish.  This one also has two major stains that – at a glance - look like the micro-suede is rubbed in a different direction (until you try to rub it another way and realize it’s a stain) – but otherwise in great condition.  Due to the stains I felt like I could only price this one $40 though

JFC 12-27-13 034JFC 12-27-13 035

micro-suede sofa #2 – also known as the greenish one – also in good condition – I noticed one small mark on the seat so priced higher than #1 at $75

JFC 12-27-13 036JFC 12-27-13 037

oh man – I couldn’t stop looking at and touching this HUGE square patchwork leather ottoman – I should have measured it (sorry) but trust me it’s big.  It’s also in great condition and is priced $135

JFC 12-27-13 038JFC 12-27-13 039

sweet velvet Sealy brand sleeper loveseat – doesn’t look so pink in person – priced $55

JFC 12-27-13 040JFC 12-27-13 041

Also a Sealy brand two piece sleeper and chaise – some minor wear (and a few stray dog hairs)– priced $125

JFC 12-27-13 042JFC 12-27-13 043

this is a GORGEOUS antique oak cupboard with amazing convex glass – priced $395

JFC 12-27-13 044JFC 12-27-13 045

Room & Board sofa – small rip in fabric (more like the threads coming apart but I guess that’s almost the definition of a rip isn’t it) priced $150

JFC 12-27-13 047JFC 12-27-13 048

Bauhaus side chair and matching sofa – both in good condition – chair is priced $55 and the sofa is $95

JFC 12-27-13 049JFC 12-27-13 050

here’s ANOTHER fabulous ottoman – this one is smaller than the massive leather one (but still a fairly good size) and covered in this gorgeous floral fabric.  I did notice several stains (not sure how easy they would be to remove since the fabric seems like silk).  Priced $65 (me want all the ottomans)

JFC 12-27-13 051JFC 12-27-13 052

small, sweet pine writing desk – priced $40

JFC 12-27-13 055JFC 12-27-13 056

this seven drawer lingerie chest is amazing – priced $165

JFC 12-27-13 057JFC 12-27-13 058

great hunter green dresser (with maple top) and mirror priced $125

JFC 12-27-13 059JFC 12-27-13 060

this is a very nice cloth, plaid sleeper sofa – priced $165

JFC 12-27-13 061JFC 12-27-13 062

this three piece Room & Board sectional is missing a fourth piece (see how that one end in the first photo doesn’t have an arm?) and absolutely needs to be professionally cleaned.  That said, there are no rips – so a $150 cleaning for a R&B sectional priced $40 is still a steal (and you could add an end table to that one end so it doesn’t look so awkward)

JFC 12-27-13 063JFC 12-27-13 064

wonderful writing desk priced $115

JFC 12-27-13 065JFC 12-27-13 066JFC 12-27-13 067JFC 12-27-13 068

this is a FABULOUS retro Magnox radio and recorder player (both work) disguised as a lovely piece of furniture - priced $175 (speakers on the side)

And so, dear reader, we find ourselves at the end of another Jubilee Furniture weekly update post and though I’ll see you here again next Friday – once every twelve months I get to say… 

See you next year (oh so corny – I know)!

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