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Jubilee Furniture weekly post for Friday, November 8, 2013

It’s not unusual for customers to ask about delivery service – especially since the words “WE DELIVER” are painted on several of our walls (I rue the day my old warehouse manager did that!).

Truthfully, I never liked offering delivery for several reasons – it was confusing (we offered “curb side” delivery – off the truck, set on your driveway or sidewalk and that’s it) and for many customers it seemed expensive (0-5 miles from the store was $35 and it went up $15 for each addition five miles). 

Delivery was suspended when one of my guy injured himself.  That was in July.  Since then that guy is still out and my old warehouse manager left for a new position.  With two newish guys in the warehouse I’m realizing how much there is for them to learn and how challenging it would be to remove one of them to make deliveries.

Now four months into our “temporary” stop of delivering – it’s annoying customers and doesn’t win us any popularity points by dangling a delivery option on our walls but then telling people we currently aren’t offering the service and we have no idea when, or even if, we might resume.

I feel bad about that.

What I don’t feel bad about are the over 70 photos that follow showing you SOME of the furniture donated this week.  Let’s take a look!

JFC 11-08-13 001JFC 11-08-13 002

gorgeous dark BLUE leather sofa from Toms Price in excellent condition – priced $495

JFC 11-08-13 003JFC 11-08-13 004

this is an amazing rattan and wicker set with a table and beveled glass top and four chairs – all in fabulous condition – priced $425

JFC 11-08-13 005JFC 11-08-13 006

so sweet Ethan Allen floral chair and ottoman – some pulls in the upholstery – priced $85 for both pieces

JFC 11-08-13 007JFC 11-08-13 010JFC 11-08-13 008JFC 11-08-13 009

two bookcases – one has a pull down writing desk and the other two doors for concealed storage – priced $60 each

JFC 11-08-13 011JFC 11-08-13 012

white entry table with stone top and two hooks for hanging things – priced $95

JFC 11-08-13 013JFC 11-08-13 014JFC 11-08-13 015JFC 11-08-13 016

this is a GORGEOUS piece by Stow-Davis sold through Office Equipment – it’s a two drawer and two door (with shelves) cabinet – needs some work but amazing original hardware and an overall fabulous piece – priced $345

JFC 11-08-13 017JFC 11-08-13 018

the donor described this Thomasville piece as a two piece china cabinet – but I see it more as a storage/display cabinet.  It’s lighted too and is priced $65

JFC 11-08-13 019JFC 11-08-13 020JFC 11-08-13 021JFC 11-08-13 022

it was hard to take photos of these pieces, so bear with me.  Also by Thomasville – there are four separate storage pieces (some with drawers, some with doors) – the shelves haven’t been put in but we have them – we’re selling all four pieces for $95 – only issue is the brass that runs along the bottom of each piece is coming off on some of them

JFC 11-08-13 023JFC 11-08-13 024

bunk beds – note metal side rails (simply not as attractive as wood would be) and ladder for $95

JFC 11-08-13 025JFC 11-08-13 026JFC 11-08-13 027JFC 11-08-13 028

rocker/recliner (second photo shows a rip that was kinda repaired) for $45; matching sleeper sofa in very good condition is $135

JFC 11-08-13 029JFC 11-08-13 030

two rattan chairs priced $12 each

JFC 11-08-13 031JFC 11-08-13 032

gorgeous drop leaf table, 2 leaves and SIX chairs (two aren’t in the photos) priced $325

JFC 11-08-13 033JFC 11-08-13 034

black corduroy IKEA sofa for $85

JFC 11-08-13 035JFC 11-08-13 036

lovely desk by Stanley – tops needs to be refinished – priced $60

JFC 11-08-13 037JFC 11-08-13 038

gray Room & Board sofa – in very good condition – priced $195

JFC 11-08-13 039JFC 11-08-13 040

sweet black painted one piece china cabinet priced $40

JFC 11-08-13 041JFC 11-08-13 042JFC 11-08-13 043JFC 11-08-13 044

two retro rolling kitchen carts – one avocado the other white – priced $10 each

JFC 11-08-13 045JFC 11-08-13 046

fun vintage table, one leaf and four chairs – priced $70

JFC 11-08-13 047JFC 11-08-13 048JFC 11-08-13 049

love the houndstooth print on these two swivel rocker by Sherrill – priced $45 each

JFC 11-08-13 050JFC 11-08-13 051JFC 11-08-13 052JFC 11-08-13 053

four great, solid wood chairs priced $125 for all.  Fabulous old table for $65

JFC 11-08-13 054JFC 11-08-13 055JFC 11-08-13 056JFC 11-08-13 057

wonderful set by Ethan Allen – table, one leaf and six chairs – two of the chairs have missing/broken spindles – priced $135

JFC 11-08-13 058JFC 11-08-13 059

funky retro chair for $40

JFC 11-08-13 060JFC 11-08-13 061

gorgeous smoked glass top desk (glass measures 6’ x 3’) – there’s a bed frame resting on top of the desk – priced $50

JFC 11-08-13 062JFC 11-08-13 063

table with four chairs (all the chairs need to be tightened) priced $50

JFC 11-08-13 064JFC 11-08-13 065

cream colored sofa – a little lumpy – priced $30

JFC 11-08-13 066JFC 11-08-13 067

cream color sleeper sofa priced $45; plaid chair and ottoman for $30

JFC 11-08-13 068JFC 11-08-13 069JFC 11-08-13 070JFC 11-08-13 071

I took a lot of photos trying to capture this lovely brass and glass shelving unit – it comes apart for easier transportation – priced $95

To deliver or not to deliver?  That is the question.  I’d love your input, dear reader.

Should I buy a can of spray paint and be done with it?

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