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The power of one–though times it by a whole bunch of us and it’s even better!

I was oblivious to Sunday’s storm damage until a friend phoned me later in the day to see if I could help her clean up her yard in north Wheaton.  Driving from south Wheaton to her home off of Pleasant Hill was like driving through an obstacle course with streets closed, massive trees uprooted, power lines down everywhere, people already hard at work cleaning up and the noise of generators and chainsaws filling the air.  It was surreal.

The two very different realities – me with no storm damage, electricity on, shucking corn as I prepared for a potluck with friends and the destruction just a few miles away was shocking.  How could I not have known?

Yet, similarly, there are two very different realities, ongoing, in DuPage County – those with plenty of food, safe places to live, basic needs met – and those without some or all of those things.  Without the outward dramatic destruction – like Sunday’s storm produced – it’s easy to forget. 

That’s why I’m so committed to what we do at Outreach Community Ministries and Jubilee Furniture.   It’s also why I put together a map of other area resale stores which are supporting excellent organizations doing great work (on a clipboard by the register if you haven’t picked up your copy).

And though we’d gladly take a cash donation – at Jubilee Furniture we’re offering you good furniture at good prices while supporting the programs and services at Outreach.  Here are some of the things you’ll find at the store today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4:

JFC 07-06-12 001

lovely Pennsylvania House sofa in a great neutral color priced $175

JFC 07-06-12 002

nice Walter E. Smithe plaid wingback chair (needs some spot cleaning) – priced $135

JFC 07-06-12 003

cool metal table with a distressed finish and a neat basket weave top priced $40

JFC 07-06-12 004JFC 07-06-12 005JFC 07-06-12 006

this is one of those tables that folds down to – something like 8” deep – or opens to seat 8 comfortably – table and 8 chairs for $185

JFC 07-06-12 007

cool oak buffet or media cabinet? – our floors are to blame for the drawer being open (since in another spot they all stayed closed) – lovely as is or would be fun painted another color (black?) priced $65

JFC 07-06-12 008

massive dresser – really a very nice piece – priced $235

JFC 07-06-12 009

excellent Woodmark sofa for $175

JFC 07-06-12 010

lovely Woodmark chair and ottoman (some pulls in fabric) priced $115

JFC 07-06-12 011

sweet round pedestal side table for $75

JFC 07-06-12 012

Room and Board sofa – some stains and one seat cushion seam is coming undone – priced $135

JFC 07-06-12 013

8’8” x 12’ Karastan wool rug – just cleaned and in excellent condition – priced $225

JFC 07-06-12 014

wonderful old curio/cabinet cabinet – missing some trim – priced $145

JFC 07-06-12 015JFC 07-06-12 016

sweet painted three drawer dresser priced $75

JFC 07-06-12 017JFC 07-06-12 018JFC 07-06-12 019

fabulous Shaker-style drop leaf table with inlaid wood – but needs some refinishing – priced $145

JFC 07-06-12 020JFC 07-06-12 021

pleather sofa – both ends recline (wall hugger) priced $45 (some rips); matching loveseat – both parts recline (also a wall hugger) priced $65 (in much better condition than the sofa)

JFC 07-06-12 022JFC 07-06-12 023

two fantastic one drawer storage pieces – top of both need refinishing – priced $95 each

JFC 07-06-12 024

Lazboy loveseat – both sides recline – priced $125

JFC 07-06-12 025

lovely smallish baker’s rack priced $85

JFC 07-06-12 026JFC 07-06-12 027

Lane brand wingback/recliner – back is faded and seat cushion is ripped on one side (other side is fine) – priced $75

JFC 07-06-12 028

cedar lined trunk priced $95

JFC 07-06-12 029JFC 07-06-12 030

Sprauge & Carleton 2 piece china cabinet (from their Kings Arrow Collection) priced $175

JFC 07-06-12 031

nice table with four chairs priced $135

JFC 07-06-12 032JFC 07-06-12 033JFC 07-06-12 034

fabulous Century dresser priced $275; two matching nightstands are $75 each (note wood damage on back of nightstands) – or buy all three pieces for $375 and save $50!

JFC 07-06-12 035

great contemporary 10 drawer dresser w/mirror priced $145; matching nightstand for $50

JFC 07-06-12 036

Stickley 8 drawer dresser for $145

JFC 07-06-12 037JFC 07-06-12 038JFC 07-06-12 039JFC 07-06-12 040

amazing Kalamazoo Emperor coal or wood burning stove – manufactured between 1902 and 1952 – priced $350

JFC 07-06-12 041

nice looking brown leather sofa – both ends recline – two issues: pet hair and both arms are wobbly – priced $40

JFC 07-06-12 042JFC 07-06-12 043

two painted nesting tables – $35 for pair

JFC 07-06-12 044JFC 07-06-12 045

three piece sectional – dated but in good condition – priced $85

After three sweaty hours – me, my husband, a guy from church with a chainsaw and a generator and my friend who’s yard was damaged, had cleaned up most of the tree debris.  What had looked absolutely overwhelming to her when she first phoned me had become manageable.

Every purchase at Jubilee Furniture is helping a single mom (and others) who feels overwhelmed – through Outreach – feel like she has help, support and someone who cares. 

Each of us – including you, dear reader, can make a difference.

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